QVC is an excellent venue for products that meet the following criteria:

* Solves an everyday problem(s)
* Dramatic visual WOW
* Is a value to the QVC consumer

Is the item unique and innovative? Does the item make life easier? Does it simplify your life? Is it easy to use? Does it enhance your lifestyle or your home? Would you buy it for yourself or a friend?

The visual ‘WOW’ is as important as the information being communicated during the presentation. Consumers need to see how they would use the product in their home. Certain products are best using before and after pictures or previously recorded videotape. These methods are best used when you cannot guarantee the on air presentation to show the item in its best use. For example, spring/summer garden items cannot always be shown outdoors given the weather fluctuations; thus, videotape is a great visual. Also, for certain beauty products, before and after pictures can be very dramatic.

The cost the consumers pays QVC must be a value. QVC offers their customers the convenience of being able to shop at home but the vendors must be able to offer their customers a reason to purchase it from QVC versus other retail stores (including online stores). Thus, value is a very important component. Keep in mind, QVC offers the vendors a venue to market your product and sell a large quantity during the on-air presentation.

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Below are products we've helped our clients get on QVC.
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product links la Terra Fina laser touch the Kiffle Kitchen Aladdin Tumblers